Saturday, 24 February 2007


Ever contemplate what is it like to be "nothing"? or to be more exact, to be in a state of nothingness. Being so used to be surrounded by "something", the concept of nothingness is hard to grasp.

"Big Bang", a theory that argues the concept of our current somethingness comes from nothingness. It was difficult for me to understand this theory at the beginning not because of my catholic background but because in the formation of my thought, in my formative years, the concept of nothingness was never entertained nor do I consciously know its absent. Our perception requires the delineation of one thing from another to function.

What is nothingness? Is it the lack of something? the absence of existence or the existence of nonexistence? Nothing is such a simple, day to day word. But do you really understand when we say "there's nothing here"? It is a strange thing to say because by saying it, it already implies the existence and the being of the speaker. Linguistically speaking, it is another paradox, by using the verb to be "is", the speaker is already creating the existence of "nothing". There is no such thing as the "existence" of "nothingness", because they contradict each other. Nothing is not define by being nor by existing, it is the absence of it.

Nothingness is therefore absolulte .

And in the world of nothingness and absolute, there is no being. So, being a being, it is therefore impossible for us to experience nothingness.